About Us

Densua’s Incredible Artists Market was founded in 2016 after Densua’s African Treasures was presented with an opportunity by mall management to showcase some of her creative colleagues and fellow artists in a pop-up artist market in a vacant store in Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta. The success of that event prompted the launch of the gallery.

The gallery offers fine art originals, prints, and photo prints. It also carries museum-quality tribal art, Benin bronzes, Shona stone art, masks, statues, textiles, and hand-woven basketry. In addition, it offers a unique collection of African-centered gift items, collectibles, and souvenirs.

Some of the artists featured in the gallery include Leroy Campbell, Kevin “WAK” Williams, Buchi Upjohn, Frank Frazier, Joyce Lomax, GBaby, Tonia Mitchell, James Lewis, Vernon Robinson, Cecil Reed, Leisha Starchia and Angela Ferguson.

Densua has been with Greenbriar mall since 1989 and had a leased department “Densua’s African Treasures” in the formerly Riches/Macy’s department store.

Our Mission

To support the growth, development and success of African and African American artists through the sale and exhibition of their works, and to increase the awareness, recognition and appreciation of these artists in the local, national and global marketplace.